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HOA Newsletter November 2010


This November 2010 Pickett's Reserve newsletter contains information on


- Pickett's Reserve website

- Builder Bond Release Update

- Architectural Review Committee membership

- Mail loss/tampering

- HOA Calendar



Pickett's Reserve website

The Pickett's Reserve website http://www.pickettsreserve.org is now ready and accessible !!


You will need to become a site member in order to access the following features. 


1. General info on the community, location/directions (via Google maps), neighborhood schools

2. Calendar of events (ARC/Board meeting schedule, social events etc)

3. Board members and committees

4. Armstrong Management contact info

5. Form to request addition/updates to Neighborhood directory/HOA Board communications list

6. Neighborhood Directory

7. HOA documents: By-laws, Architecture Guidelines and forms, Proffers, Website Policy

8. Discussion forums 

9. HOA News/Lost and found

10.Board meeting minutes


Click on the following link to create a user id and password and access the site http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/Picketts_Reserve/pages/400587


Builder Bond Release Update

Dick Cardinale has been leading the effort on behalf of the Board in building an exhaustive list of items needing repair prior to the bond release for the builder. This list was presented to the City Inspector on October 29. The inspector will further present this list to the builder. The list contained several items related to the grass between the curbs and the sidewalks, concrete problems such as erosion, future maintenance issues, footprint impressions/ write-up on concrete and storm water drain soil erosion at tot-lot on the Schuerman House Drive cul-de-sac. 


Architectural Review Committee membership

The Architectural Review Committee has one position open. If residents have an interest in serving on this committee, please contact Mace Carpenter at pmasoncarpenter@aol.com


Mail loss/tampering

Tran Nguyen a resident of our community would like to share his recent experience with loss/tampering of mail. This topic has also been posted on our HOA website discussion forum at http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/Picketts_Reserve/topics/295487. You may post your responses on the discussion forum or contact Tran at phongkhanh@hotmail.com. Tran writes: 


 "This email is to tell a small story about a Priority mail package of mine that was gone. It was later said to be delivered in my mailbox Saturday 10-16-10 at around 11 am or so. I had checked the day before online and known it had arrived at the nearby post office, waiting to be delivered. That Saturday, I am sure I opened my mailbox and saw only my other mail. Days gone by without news, I asked the sender, who told me the post office scanned records showed that they dId delivered it that day. My phone call to the post office produced the same response about date and time of the delivery. The item should be small enough to fit in my mailbox, so the mailman shouldn't have placed in the porch. In light of what happened, I feel sad that there is nothing I can do, except I vow never to use USPS Priority again, but only Fedex or UpS for that kind of package, which would require a signature of the recipient. Do you think there are other possibilities how the thing may have gone? 

Another thing, a few days before the incident, another Priority parcel did arrive in my mailbox, but with the package torn open, showing the item sticking out. It was the same kind of content as the lost package, which is a high-end audio cable. 

I want to hear our neighbors' thoughts about all of this, and hope this might be helpful in whatever they do regarding their mail."


HOA Calendar

Thu Nov 18 2010, 7:30 PM 

ARC Meeting

9510 Shelly Krasnow Ln

Please RSVP Jeanie Cardinale at jeaniecardinale@cox.net before November 13 if you plan on attending


Thu Dec 9 2010, 7:00 PM

Board Meeting

Army Navy Country Club, Old Lee Highway


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